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Smaller font sizes for Eclipse on Linux

Daniel Ferbers Technical Tavern

This article describes some approaches to launch Eclipse on Linux with smaller font sizes and customized graphical user interface (GUI).

The modern desktop environments like KDE or Gnome use larger font sizes to enhance readability of screen contents. However, Eclipse, looks better with a clean design and small fonts.

Views like Package Explorer or Outline may contain very large listings of important information. Eclipse uses are not willing to waste precious space neither with large fonts nor with fancy window decorations.

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Fold Me Tender, Fold Me True, Never Let Me Go

This post is on custom code folding all right.

Everyone loves visual / ergonomic nicities for coding, however good enough is perfect. So recently I stopped my search for a perfect solution within every IDE I happen to use and my list is as follows:

To squeeze custom code folding capabilities I use the following tricks:

(1) Java — coffee-bytes — IDE: Eclipse

(2) C — standard CDT module — IDE: Eclipse

The earliest mentioning of this hack comes from Tod Gentille. You can read it here:

#if (1) //Anything you want here to identify the region
… The C/C++ Code

(3) Bash scripts — Configurable Fold Handler plugin — IDE: jEdit

(4) R — none — IDE: Eclipse

Not yet as actively working with R as I wish I did, but perhaps I shall be moving to jEdit as well.

More and more often I think about switching to Vim… (or Emacs)… to solve all these problems once and for all.



Emacs: ( some hands-on customization example: )

Vim: ( Manual folding, Syntax folding, Folding by expression, Folding with markers, Diff folding )

Some useful reference on code folding: