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High Performance Computing Libraries (to be updated)

1. IRC channel #opencl at freenode network


3. Reference on installing pre-requisites (hardware drivers)

CUDA vs OpenCL

ArrayFire (open source)

“ArrayFire supports both CUDA-capable NVIDIA GPUs and most OpenCL devices, including AMD GPUs/APUs and Intel Xeon Phi co-processors. It also supports mobile OpenCL devices from ARM, Qualcomm, and others. We want your code to run as fast as possible, regardless of the hardware.”

“ArrayFire is a blazing fast software library for GPU computing. Its easy-to-use API and array-based function set make GPU programming simple. A few lines of code in ArrayFire can replace dozens of lines of raw GPU code, saving you valuable time and lowering development costs.”

Getting Started

(written prior to being open-source):

Overview by NVidia:

* Download here & install, and append “%AF_PATH%/lib;” to your PATH env.variable

* Sources

* Files required to use ArrayFire from R (prerequisites: source files above)