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How to start using OpenCL ASAP

The following is written assuming the computer has Intel CPU:

Supported Targets

3rd Generation Intel Core Processors
Intel “Bay Trail” platforms with Intel HD Graphics
4th Generation Intel Core Processors, need kernel patch currently, see the “Known Issues” section.
5th Generation Intel Core Processors “Broadwell”.

To start programming right away, do the following:

1. Get Beignet.

Beignet is an open source implementation of the OpenCL specification – a generic compute oriented API. This code base contains the code to run OpenCL programs on Intel GPUs which basically defines and implements the OpenCL host functions required to initialize the device, create the command queues, the kernels and the programs and run them on the GPU.

In terms of the OpenCL 1.2 spec, beignet is quite complete now (at the time of writing, 28/03/2015).

2. Get OpenCL Studio


The OpenCL Programming Book

Eclipse: prepare for OpenCL programming


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