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visualization: D3 (data driven documents)

I never thought of this before, but visualization is the KEY to everything.
Ability to visualize is just as important as having biological capacity of vision.
Without visualization we are blindly crawling in the dark, so-to-speak.
The easier you make the visualization part, the better your site/service will be.





The New York Times visualizations

Jerome Cukier

Jason Davies

Jim Vallandingham

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Charts and Chart Components

Bar Chart


Line and Area Chart

Pie Chart

Scatterplot and Bubble chart

Parallel Coordinates, Parallel sets and Sankey

Sunburst and Partition layout

Force Layout


Misc Trees and Graphs

Chord Layout (Circular Network)


Misc Charts

Miscellaneous visualizations

Charts using the reusable API

Useful snippets



Online Editors


Store Apps


Wish List

  • arc diagram
  • gantt, other timelines and timing diagram
  • candlestick or ohlc
  • fibonacci scale
  • data table (maybe the airline table at the bottom of the crossfilter example?)
  • hypergraph

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