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Monthly Archives: February 2014

What free c++ IDE has the best syntax highlighting

* no perfect IDEs
* QtCreator, Eclipse and VS are good, but bad as text editors.
* the best editors: vi and emacs. No way to understand how good they are until learning one or the other for at least one year.
* vi/emacs are barely IDEs. possible to integrate build and debugging (run step by step, breakpoints, local variables), difficult to setup.

* highligting and completion: vi has good and fast plugins.
* emacs is purely syntaxic, plugins to add semantic are allegedly bad.
* emacs is better at auto indenting than VS, but not as good as Eclipse.
* Eclipse is best (with java). With C++ it is very good as well, but less, because C++ is un-parsable.
* the next best thing : VS with VisualAssistX.
* QtCreator is at least as good as well.

source: Lightness1024 from


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